Krista Larson Fuchsia Painting T-Shirt Long Sleeve



The Krista Larson Fuchsia Painting T-Shirt Long Sleeve is an art piece you can wear!

Material: 100% cotton
Origin: Made in USA
Care: Washable

  • Easy fit
  • Scoop neck
  • Drop shoulder long sleeves
  • Lightweight cotton tulle
  • Angled hem
  • Chest 50"
  • Color Fuchsia Painting

* We have made sure that the photos are the most representative of reality, however the actual colors may differ slightly.

Known for her exquisite fabrics, antique buttons, and layers, Krista Larson’s clothes are unique like the women who wear them. Every detail on the cuff of a shirt or hem of a skirt is one-of-a-kind.