PLUSLAVIE PLÜ 4-in-1 Cardigan

$181.00 $258.00

The PLUSLAVIE PLÜ 4-in-1 Cardigan is a versatile piece that gives you many different styling options for any outing!

Material: 97% cotton, 3% elastane

Origin: Designed in Germany
Care: Machine washable

  • loose cut
  • Open front
  • Inset long sleeves
  • Pockets
  • Semi-transparent band along the hem
  • Removable fabric "+" button detail
  • Lightweight cotton jersey 

PLUSLAVIE PLÜ is emerging and unique collection. The pieces are versatile with a classic and elegant aesthetic. PLUSLAVIE PLÜ showcases the individual. The striking handcrafted accessories can be combined with her comfortable clothing to make a personal statement.