The Sustainable Nature of Trippen's Philosophy

The Sustainable Nature of Trippen's Philosophy

January 08, 2021


Our long-time friends at Trippen have never let us down, not only providing us with comfortable and edgy shoes, but upholding the crucial values of sustainability. We were touched by their recent newsletter and activity on social media, and wanted to share their story with you:

Trippen's designs are more than just stylish. They take future repair needs into great consideration, making the components of their shoes' construction exchangeable to be easily fixed. They believe that while sustainability starts with the producer, it has to continue with the customer. Because of this, their products are made durable, in order to last you years and avoid unnecessary waste. This is why Trippen offers their customers resoling and repairs on worn-out shoes, prolonging the life of their products in order to keep our environment clean and as waste-free as possible.

Since 1993, Trippen has brought over 1,600 unique yet timeless designs to the table, handcrafted from high-quality and reliable leathers that age like a fine wine. With the surge of the environmental movement in the 90s and the continuing growth of sustainable consumption, Trippen has made it their philosophy to "choose well, buy less, and make it last." This includes making products that are vegetable tanned and plastic & metal-free.

Recycling and the eco-friendly nature of the shoes' construction is always at the forefront of Trippen's production. Old soles are repurposed into new materials, and retreading is a common practice in order to provide you with an adhesive-free shoe. In addition, they source their leathers from Tuscan tanneries apart of the Leather Working Group (LWG), an organization of producers and retailers in the leather industry with the goal of monitoring and reducing the impact of leather production on the environment. Their use of biodegradable materials continues with the implementation of natural rubber, which remains untreated and unvulcanized. Should you crave a wooden sole over a rubber one, however, all of their timber of choice, Alder, is locally sourced and untreated, a healthy alternative for the foot.

You can read more about Trippen's sustainability practices here. If you're curious as to how these stunning designs are produced, you can read more about their production here.

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