Laundry and care tips for your clothing

Rundholz Black Label outfit with faux fur scarf on model from ATELIER957

January 28, 2019

We sell quality items that are timeless and can last a lifetime.  When you have fewer, better items you want to take great care of them. Here's what we've learned over the (many) years about how to wash and care for clothing to keep it looking great.

Avant garde women's look with Rundholz Black Label faux fur circle scarf and tunic dress from ATELIER957 women boutique.

Our non-professional-but-with-a-lot-of-life-experience answers to your FAQs about how to care for clothing.


This information is based on our own experience and opinions. We do not endorse any particular brands and this is NOT a sponsored post. We are not liable for results based on the implementation of any of the information here. So don't send us a bill if you ruin your favorite dress ;)

Is dry cleaning or machine washing better?

We don't dry clean anything!  Honestly, we know our clothes best and will care more than anyone else.  We ignore care instruction on labels and machine wash pretty much everything. You can't go wrong with the handwash/gentle option! The dryer is what ruins clothes. Here are some tips that may be helpful:

  • Spot clean before washing. Our favorite is Amway Prewash Spray. Spray it on and leave it for an hour before putting the garment in the wash. It works every time! 
  • Wash in small loads, never overload the machine.
  • Only use cold water for clothing.
  • Take clothing out immediately when the cycle is finished.
  • Hang or lay flat to dry.
  • If you do use a dryer, never use dryer sheets. 


Can I machine wash something that says "Dry Clean Only"?

Yes! See our answer in the previous question.

Sometimes items say "dry clean only" because they are natural fibers like silk, wool or bamboo. These are fabrics people have been using for hundreds of years. Manufacturers are extra cautious and will recomend dry cleaning. If you are careful in your care process, you can have better outcomes by washing them yourself.

If you have something very delicate or with delicate details like lace, put it in a mesh laundry bag (similar to this) to launder.  These bags are also good for bras.

Rundholz Black Label women's casual suit jacket and pants at ATELIER957 edgy womenswear.

I have an item that is starting to look worn (color is fading, fabric is pilling). Can I bring it back to life?


For faded colors, put 1 tablespoon of white vinegar into the rinse part of the wash cycle. It will bring the color back.

For wool and cashmere that has begun to pill, we don't have the magic answer. The best thing we've used is The Laundress Sweater Comb (buy online from our friends at Valise). It's gentle and inexpensive. We would love to hear what you use. 

What type of laundry detergent do you use?


We use Woolite Dark for dark colored clothing (black, grey, brown, etc). It helps maintain the color saturation of clothing and keep colors brighter. For other items, we like  Woolite Gentle Cycle

Importantly, we use less (about half) than the recomended amount of detergent per load. Detergents are harsh - a little goes a long way.


What's the trick to getting out wrinkles? 


We're talking about clothing, right? Ok.

Get a steamer. It gets out wrinkles and fold marks with ease. 

Jiffy is our favorite steamer brand (and the most trusted in the industry). Stand steamers can be expensive, but you can get a Jiffy handheld steamer for less than $70. It works well and will last forever. Just make sure you follow the steamer instructions and take care of it.

Women's edgy fashion look with crisp white button down and exaggerated hem suit jacket from ATELIER957 chic women boutique.

Your white shirts always looks so pressed and beautiful. How do you do it?!


First, thank you! We love a crispy, white button down shirt - classic, versatile and polished.

We treat the collar and cuffs with Amway Prewash Spray before every wash to proactively prevent discoloration. Then wash with cold water on the gentle cycle using a gentle soap.

Hang to dry.

This is one that's worthy of the time to iron. Getting the collar, cuffs and front crispy makes all the difference!