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Xenia Design Pifi Jacket

Xenia Design Pifi Jacket

Xenia Design

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Xenia Design stretchable statement cropped jacket for everyday looks. This piece is structured, versitile, and a great staple piece for this fall.

Material: 51% cotton, 30% polyamid, 11% elastan
Origin: Made in Croatia
Care: Handwash
  • Fitted structured cropped jacket
  • Detatchable collar strap with buttons
  • One button front closure
  • Origami back bottom details

US sizing: 34/4, 36/6, 38/8, 40/10, 42/12, 44/14

With an innovative and unconventional construction combined with an exclusive and unique style that bases design around specific personalities, Xenia Design takes classic tailoring to a new dimension.