NY 77 Design Woolen Hat (2 Colors)


Grab the NY 77 Design Woolen Hat to stay warm and chic as the weather gets chilly.

Material: 38% viscose, 30% wool, 32% polyamide
Origin: Designed in New York
Care: Hand wash
  • Pull on
  • Relaxed fit
  • Breathable two layered knit
  • Back seem pleat 
  • OS fits all, 22" with stretch

Shown with The JNBY Noodle Tee (2 Colors), The Annemieke Broenink Fall Pop Petals Necklace, and The NY 77 Design Fingerless Arm Warmers (2 Colors).

NY 77 Design is a modern and contemporary fashion brand based in New York. They use premium quality fabrics and take pride in quality and comfort above all else.