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Mignon Doo Waist Bow Top

Mignon Doo

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This Mignon Doo top is comfortable, flattering, and festive all in one.  Paired with its matching skirt, it's the perfect outfit for seasonal events.  One reason why we love this piece so much at ATELIER957 is because of its flattering waistband, which gives the appearance of a smaller waist.

Material: 90% wool, 10% nylon
Origin: Made in Korea
Care: Dry clean
  • Fitted waist
  • High neckline
  • Bishop style sleeves
  • Elastic waistband with bow
  • Half zip back closure

Shown with matching Mignon Doo Button Skirt

Mignon Doo revolves around the concept of timeless looks that are always classic and orderly.  At the same time, they allow room for individuality and self expression within their playful pieces.