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Papucei Shoes & Boots


At market in New York last spring, we designed an incredible pair of ankle boots with the Papucei team. 

Over the summer they were handmade in Romania by Papucei's team of 60 skilled workers, 3 ingenious engineers and 1 gifted designer. Papucei only sources quality materials from the best suppliers and then uses them in unconventional ways, transforming and refining them, to end up with products that are hard to believe.

This red leather boot has an animal-like texture with subtle black distressing around the edges. The back has a contrast detail with twisted strips of black suede. The back fits like a shoe, below the ankle, while the front is ~3" higher. The thick heel 2" heel makes for a very comfortable fit!  

These Papucei ankle boots are incredible an exclusive to ATELIER957! Only 4 pair exist, and they're at ATELIER957! We are only selling them in the store, so stop in to try on these beautiful handmade boots!

Along with these boots, we also have three other Papucei designs.