DEAD APE Tokyo Bowling Bag


Make a statement and a difference with the DEAD APE Tokyo Bowling Bag. With three handle options that allows for versatile wear, this bag is perfect for travel or being on the go.

Material: Leather
Origin: Made in Germany
Care: Washable

  • Bowling bag style
  • Zipper closure
  • Inside pocket
  • Screw-on removable straps - includes three leather straps (15", 22", & 39")
  • Substantial textured cowhide

A brand inspired by diverse disciplines of design and architecture, DEAD APE is rooted in the idea of giving a strong voice to those whose cries are suffocated. The idea arose in 2021 from a topic that has been close to designer and founder Imme Vogel's heart since childhood: protecting one of our closest relatives, the orangutan. DEAD APE shares 10% of its proceeds with the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation.